A trail session would be a good way to get to know our school before you commit further  

喂和欢迎 - Hello and welcome - Hallo und heißt willkommen درود و خوش آمدید
Merhaba ve hoş geldiniz - Привет и прием- Ciao ed il benvenuto سلاۆ بهخێر بی
Bonjour et accueillir و نه پخېر راغلي او اسلام عليکم!
Hola y da la bienvenida أهلا والترحيب
سلام اور کا خیر مقدم

Our two hour trial and the free 15 minutes initial consultation with the student is meant to determine his/her present state of learning. It will identify the student's strengths and weaknesses, including a recommended number of weekly instructional hours.

Tutoring in academic subjects follows the design of the student's school program, so that he or she will, if the student does the required homework, see noticeable improvement in academic performance after the first few tutorial sessions. In test preparation tutorials, students have increased their test scores by an average of two levels higher than their previous level prior to beginning study at School of Persia.

Instruction can take place at the student's workplace, a suitable public location, at home or at the School's location.
School of Persia, llc is proud to offer the following tutorials to meet your personal or professional language goals. We suggest student should book a minimum of one-hour lesion to get familiar with our teaching method. The consultation would take place in our Alexandria location unless the student books two hours of lesson.