Open to Civilian, Military, Defense, Intelligence, or State Department Affiliations

Assessment And Testing Measure Progress

School of Persia,LLC assist corporations both in US and UK with an identical tests to measure the foreign language proficiency of their current and prospective employees to ensure that the candidate's language abilities meet the skill requirements for the position.

The standardized test is available in listening, speaking, reading and writing for 13 languages.

School of Persia Test of Listening and Reading Skills is a suitable, cost-effective online tool for measuring employee or applicant language skills.

School of Persia Test of Speaking Skills is available in 13 languages and can be tailored to focus on the detailed skills your employees need for day-to-day exchanges with coworkers and clients.

School of Persia Test of Writing Skills is a paper-based assessment that is designed for screening large numbers of employees or job applications. All tests are conducted by qualified testers and are based on Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) skill level descriptions.


30-minute Speaking Test (Over the phone)

$ 145

45- minute in person Speaking Test

$ 190

90-minute Speaking and Reading Test

$ 340

Non-Refundable Scheduling Fee



Language Instruction Available to Corporations

Large Group (Consisting of 7-10 students)

Large group classes are available to corporations and organizations who want their employees to improve their language skills for job-related purposes. This tutorial session consists of two instructional hours of 50 minutes each.

$20 per/hour

Books and materials are extra. You can also purchase your books from Travel surcharges may apply if the student wishes the instructor to travel to their home, office, etc., rather than coming to the School's location: $1 per mile from Alexandria location.

All the above tutorial session consists of two instructional hours of 50 minutes each.