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About Us

Well-educated native speakers with minimum of 3 years of teaching experience tutors at our school teach 13 languages to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

In addition to relevant academic and linguistic qualifications and experience, all of our trainers also possess considerable exposure and expertise in the professional world and can therefore assist many times with areas of vocabulary specific to your field. Your tutor will be assigned to you based upon the results of your diagnostic consultancy and taking into account your objectives and the particular areas on which you would like to focus.

School of Persia, LLc offers specially tailored methods based upon each student's learning goals and needs.

Our school offers both group and individual classes. Individual instruction is tailored to individual needs and based upon individual skills and level of development. Group classes are offered when there are enough students at a similar development level to justify having such a class.

Our language instruction is very practical, with verbal and conversational skills being taught together with reading and writing. Linguistic studies have shown that students who attempt to learn a language improve much more quickly in their verbal skills if their reading and writing skills are progressing simultaneously. Our philosophy is to make use of this foundational truth of language instruction and to combine it with intensive personal attention in order to progress as quickly as possible and to retain as much of the new skills as possible. We believe that a language cannot be learned without learning the culture from which that language comes, so education in Persian culture is part of the language learning experience at the School of Persia.

Our school also offers translation and interpretation service from qualified translators for those needing to translate documents from any language into English.