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This page contents two parts to cover all your possible questions answered

1) General questions, registration, payment and the refund policy.

2) The materials being used throughout the course and your achievement level at each course.

Part 1

Is it difficult to learn another language?

We are realistic, it can be difficult but if you do your homework, you can learn it easy. For the first few weeks it may seem almost impossible, but then it clicks into place and the initial effort will quickly be rewarded. You can always ask for tips from the former students at our school.

Do I get any trial lesson before any commitment to your school?

Yes, indeed. We don’t want you commit to any long hours course not having any knowledge of your tutor or your school. It is your right to know whom you are learning from. The economy is not being great for everyone and we understand that just as you. We have a 15 minutes free consultation, with every two hour trial session. This way, you and your tutor will have enough time to get to know each other before arranging any course schedule. Your tutor would discuss your level, goals, the time and the day you prefer your Lessons.

Our free consultation is also available for virtual and phone sessions.

What if I don't have any previous experience with my desire language?

Not a problem, most of our government students are not familiar with their desire language. They even don’t know how many characters are waiting for them to learn. It is our pleasure to walk you through each step of this learning process.

Is it true that all the tutors available at your school are native speaker in addition to have a minimum of three years of teaching experience?.


Yeas, we are proud to announce that all the tutors available at School of Persia are native-speakers with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience. In addition to relevant academic and linguistic qualifications and experience, many of our tutors also possess considerable exposure and expertise in the professional world and can therefore assist many times with areas of vocabulary specific to your field. Your tutor will be assigned to you based upon the results of your diagnostic consultancy and taking into account your objectives and the particular areas on which you would like to focus.

How to pay and is my credit card payments secure?


Your payment can be completed through the online booking page. After you entered your personal information, you will be transferred to the payment page where you have the option for $50 down payment or the full payment. You have the option of credit card, Pay Pal, Check, Cash and invoice.

The SSL system provided by our server makes your payment and information secure and safe. We have extra insurance to make sure your information gets to us securely.

For the cash, check and invoice payment option, you need to pay $50 in advance in order for us to book your appointment.

What is the refund policy and or cancellation and make up classes?


For any class canceled by S.O.P, LLC, the student(s) would receive a full make up class scheduled immediately.
Group courses at S.O.P., LLC are non-refundable once the course has begun.
Private, semi-private and small group classes canceled by the student(s) (including "no-shows") may be made up only if notice is given by the student(s) to S.O.P., LLC either by phone or by email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class(es) or by noon Friday for any classes scheduled on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. If student fails to cancel on time, full tuition must be paid for the missed class(es).
In semi-private classes, if is only one student missing, the class would still run as usual and there is a charge for the missing student unless he/she provided S.O.P., LLC with the 24 hour notice required.
A group class can only be made up on another day if every member of the class agrees to do so. The student can only issue a full course refund if at least the notice of canceling gives 15 days notice.

What is the purchased materials refund policy?

When the student(s) has/have received the books and materials, which have been purchased for the course, no return/refund can be issued.

Can I change my tutor?

Yes. You may request to change Tutors for any reason.

How many lessons should I have per week and how long is each session?

Every person’s life is unique and everyone has different life style and needs. For the best results, we recommend you take at least two lessons per week to maintain the energy. However, our online booking form provided based on a busy schedule life style which is two hours a week.

If you need to learn faster by having two to three sessions per week, please let us know that we can arrange your lessons.

We don’t have plan to overwhelmed you with new materials that you can not learn them and be ready for your next session in this busy life schedule. Therefore, each session is two hours last as less than two hours is not enough and more than that is tiring to both tutor and students.

Do you charge to correct the homework?

No, this is part of your paid session to have your home works checked. I was surprise when someone asked me this question and this is why I am answering it in here for everyone to know.

Do you suggest additional materials?What type of computer or equipment do I need for Skype lesson?

We will let you know if you needed. At beginner levels (I & II) you only need two-text books; one for grammar, reading and writing and the other is a conversational book.

From the level one above we recommend you have more materials in additional to what you get in the class but there shouldn’t be any cost for it as you can find them free over the internet. Your tutor will recommend your specific materials based on your level.

What type of computer or equipment do I need for Skype lesson?

Skype runs in any PC or Mac. All you need is a skype account, a micro headphone, a camera and a quiet place.

How do I get Skype? Do I pay extra for making Skype call?

Skype can be downloaded at no cost from the Skype website and there is no charge to call Skype from another Skype

If you have questions, we can help you. Skype to Skype calls are free and you wouldn’t need to pay anything for connecting to your tutor.

What if I am late for my virtual or phone session? What materials do you cover in the class?

Up to 5 minutes delay before you get ready in front of your computer or being available on your phone wouldn’t have any effect in your lesson. However since. Skype and phone conversations are easier to get compare to be traveling in the city, any minutes after 5, would reduce your class time. We hope you understand that other students, who booked after you, would wish their class to be on time.

Part 2

What materials do you cover in the class?

Picture exercise;
Based on the level of study pictures from simple subjects to be an example on the alphabets for the beginners all the way to the pictures of tourist areas in Iran for the higher levels will be shown to help the student get familiar with the correct pronunciation. Students will be shown photos of objects requiring a description in the target language, ranging from photos of letters of the alphabet for beginning students to photos of political sites and historic archaeological sites from ancient Persia for more advanced students in order to work on pronunciation and familiarity with Persian language and culture at the same time.

Short videos such as on the streets videos (depicting art, design, carpets, books, culture etc..) and live as well as recorded radio conversation  will be played to help the student to become familiar with the variety of accents from various parts of Iran in order to improve listening skills.

¼th of the study time will be spent on conversation. The topic and level of conversation will, of course, vary from student to student depending upon areas of interest and individual skill level.

Reading and Writing;
Based upon your level of study, a variety of materials are available for the reading & writing portion of the lesson, with the tutor supervising constantly.
Suitable tailored and published language course materials will be used throughout, with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made throughout your course of study. We offer a variety of training formats for your language course – from intensive, week long courses to extensive, modular lessons. Appropriate formats will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy.

What do I achieve in different course level?

Beginners I and II

The beginner courses is available to those who have no previous knowledge of the language, or little knowledge of it . This 8 week program course covers the alphabet, focuses on making students familiar with basic pronunciation, greetings, days of the week, and other simple vocabulary & sentences. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to ask simple questions and reply, write letters & read simple Persian books.  (32 hours over 16 weeks at an average of two hours a week)

Level one

The level one course, the next step after the beginning II, is ideal for anyone who is considering traveling to Persian speaking countries. Students will begin to understand simple directions and instructions. Students will watch videos, listen to the radio and become more familiar with natively spoken Farsi. After completing this course students will be able to identify Persian numbers and should be able to make simple purchases.  (24 hours over 12 weeks at an average of 2 hrs a week)

Level one +

In level one + course students briefly review everything covered in the previous levels and then go on to learn verb tenses such as the perfect tense, past & continuous tenses, future tense, passive and active voice, the subjunctive, etc.. Apart from a great deal of new vocabulary and irregular verbs, students will also learn general grammar including comparatives, superlatives and the near future tense. Students begin to follow dialogue, construct sentences and speak in basic functional Persian. For example, they should be also be able to order food in a restaurant and make hotel reservations, etc. Upon completion of this course students should be able to speak, understand and carry on a simple conversation. By this time they will be able to understand a great deal of Persian but will still have difficulty being understood as listening comprehension always outpaces the ability to proactively communicate when learning any new language. (24 hours over 12 weeks)

Level two

The level two course at School of Persia, covers more complex grammar. Students at this level are able to understand Persian music and radio broadcasts 60% of the time and speak with little difficulty. At this stage students will learn to use the most common irregular verbs that will allow them to ask for information, talk about obligations and habits, their likes and dislikes, buy items at a store, order food in a restaurant, make hotel reservations and speak about any daily matter. After level 2 we recommend a thorough review and practice through either private instruction or various programs at School of Persia in which we provide a variety of materials that enable you to watch and listen to a native speaker. This will help you to understand the culture better also, which is a vital aspect of language acquisition. (24 hours over 12 weeks)

Level two +

By this time, students are able to: - Speak Farsi with confidence  -Interact more confidently when visiting a Farsi-speaking region or dealing with Farsi speakers - Build rapport and strengthen relationships with Farsi-speaking colleagues and counterparts - Show a strong understanding of the Farsi language and Persian culture - Demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both a personal and    organizational level-Understand 80% of the poetry, news and music to which they are exposed.

Level three

At this level the student is approaching fluency and concentrates on: - Listening skills  - Pronunciation and accent  - Reading skills  - Telephone skills in Farsi  - Email skills in Farsi  - Sector-specific terminology - Presentation & negotiation skills - Understand 100% of the Persian news, poetry and music that they listen to or read.

More questions? Please do not hesitate to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it